The Factory

Our fabrics are conceived and made in our plant located in Occhieppo Superiore, near Biella. In order to best meet the requests of our customers, we offer a wide variety of fabrics, from simple jersey for t-shirts and mercerized interlock for blouses to fleece and doublet for men’s jackets, from stitched jersey for soft women’s dresses to technical fabrics and terry cloths.

The variety of our structures is reflected in the yarns used to produce our fabrics, so that we can create a triumph of elegance for every men and women.

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Maglificio Maggia

Our history

our history

1700 - The beginning

In the first part of XVIII Century a sheep-farming family left Maggia Valley (which takes its name from river Maggia) in Switzerland to settle in Pettinengo, Piedmont. Since in Piedmont they were used to call families with the name of their birth places, these Swiss people were called Maggia.

our history

1800 - Resettlement in Occhieppo Superiore

In 1916 Francesco Maggia, who had a considerable amount of assets to invest, purchased Vigna brothers’ factory in Occhieppo Superiore, and decided to keep the old plant in Pettinengo.

our history

1916 - From the war...

After the war, under the lead of Cornelio Maggia the company went on the traditional production of underwear, especially in cotton fleece. Innovation has always been playing an important role in Maglificio Maggia, in fact it was one of the first Italian companies to produce fabrics made of three different yarns: wool, Meraclon (a synthetic fibre) and viscose.

our history

1970 - the present day

Nowadays Umberto, son of Cornelio, produces fabrics that are sold to the greatest world and Italian brands, thank to his production departments, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The continuity of the family business is guaranteed by Umberto’s son, Ludovico, who has recently joined the company; this is the IX generation of Maggia active in textile industry in the district of Biella.


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Our brand values

Listen to the past to give a brand new voice to the present.

In a rushed world running towards more and more fainted and unsure goals, it is extremely important to have clear values and aims to achieve.

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