Environmental Policy

In addition to complying with all ecotoxicity parameters requested by national and international legislations, by the REACH Guidelines and by the GB 18401-2010 norm for the Chinese market, in 2017 the company obtained the certification by the Tessile&Salute Association, a prestigious entity and a reference point for the Italian Ministry of Health in relation to chemical compounds and ecotoxicity. In 2019 the company was bestowed with the T&F Traceability and Fashion certification, a voluntary traceability system promoted by Italian Textile Fashion, the entity established by the Chambers of Commerce of the leading Italian textile hubs geared at promoting the fashion system.

In 2022 Maglificio Maggia was among the promoters of the MagnoLab project, a network of textile companies in the Biella district with different and complementary specialties across the supply chain, whose primary mission is to fuel collaboration to develop innovation, research and projects aimed at sustainability and the circular economy. The network comprises enterprises such as De Martini Bayart e Textifibra, De Martini, Marchi & Fildi, Filidea, Di.Vé, Pinter Caipo and Tintoria Finissaggio 2000, in addition to Maglificio Maggia.

Enviromental Sustainability
The MagnoLab vision was turned into a physical network of pilot plants all housed inside a single facility in Cerrione (Biella) where to develop innovative products and processes with speedy experimentation cycles, according to a lean management model and in a collaborative manner. The ambitious project entailed strategic investments amounting to 10 million euros. MagnoLab ranked first among the projects that applied to obtain the PNRR’s funds geared at textile recycling.

In May 2023, Maglificio Maggia joined forces with Slow Food Italia, a movement promoting food responsibility and awareness, to establish the SlowFiber network, a similarly value-driven entity geared at the fashion and design industries to promote an ethical, righteous and measured approach to business. The goals of the nascent network include the divulgation of the environmental, health and labor impact of textile production hoping to trigger new ethics and culture in fashion and furnishing.

Favoring a concrete approach to environmental sustainability, Maglificio Maggia has committed to enhance the efficiency of its operations by installing a photovoltaic system at its headquarters and the progressive update of its machineries. The company is also developing a system to channel smoke coming from its furnace into production activities.

Starting in the fall of 2023, Maglificio Maggia has named a head of sustainability, pledging to release its first Sustainability Report in collaboration with an external partner, another sign of the company’s ambitions towards ESG.
Scopri MagnoLab e SlowFiber
In November 2017 we received the significant certification by Associazione Tessile &Salute, the important institution which works together with the Italian Health&Care Ministry. See the certification