An “imperial” showroom for the launch of Maggia by Camo line in Paris


Maggia by Camo line, entirely disegned and distributed by Stefano Ughetti, debuted before the international public which comes to Paris during fashion week; the collection was displayed, together with Camo collection and with other famous brand – such us K-Jaques sandals made in Saint Tropez – within Marziano Bello showroom in Palais Vivienne.

This beautiful property hosts the widest collection of Napoleonic relics and it was owned by Belmondo family before becoming one of the most prestigious Parisian showroom.

Under Napoleon’s gaze, the collection has been appreciated by prestigious Corean, Mexican and Russian shops; Maglificio Maggia is very satisfied by this positive responses and it is beginning to think, together with Stefano, about next seasons’ strategies.