Introducing our knitting machines


The uniqueness of products branded Maglificio Maggia is achieved by the employment of very special knitting machines.


Among the 35 looms owned by the company, Relanit 1.6 R QCe by the German company Mayer & Cie (in the picture) is definitely the most important. It is a circular knitting machine which allows a different fabric processing since it is equipped with 1.6 feeders per inch and 1 striping attachment per feeder. This new structure enables our designer to unleash their creative spirit to come up with extremely original fabrics, in a wide range of colours. Maglificio Maggia employs Relanit knitting machine to make beautiful striped and stretched jerseys.

The uniqueness of our products is guaranteed by the fact that we are one of the few companies in Europe which employ this kind of loom.


Quality, transparency, uniqueness, this are the key words which rule our mission and make our fabrics too good to remain unnoticed!