Maglificio Maggia back on tennis courts: Stefano Napolitano will wear Maggia in 2020


In 2020 Maggia trademark will be back on tennis courts; Stefano Napolitano, a young tennis player among top 200 in the world, will wear Maggia uniforms during next season and also Biella Tennis Academy’s uniforms shall be distinguished by Maggia trademark.

The uniforms shall be made out with technical fabrics made in Biella and have been designed by Stefano Ughetti, Maglificio Maggia’s stilying partner also for casual wear line.

In 2020, there will be the chance to see again in tennis courts the coloured stripes which made Maglificio Maggia famous in the world; this new line combines the features of the most technical fabrics with the tradition, for a very unique style.

The new uniforms will be launched during an event on December, 19 at Tennis Biella: we are waiting to see you there!