The primary school students of Andorno M. exploring our production


On April 16th, we will have the pleasure of opening the doors of our knitwear factory to the students of the elementary school of Andorno Micca. It will be an opportunity to share our passion for the world of textile production with future generations.

The teacher, who already participated in the "Open Factories" initiative last October, wanted to organize this day to raise awareness among the students towards the manufacturing productions of our territory. The students will have the opportunity to explore our historic plant and observe closely part of the production process: they will be involved in practical activities, they will be able to touch the fibers thanks to "sensory" jars, and discover our fabrics.

Additionally, Francesca Carà, our sustainability manager, will give a brief presentation on the fundamental principles of sustainability in the textile industry.

For us, this initiative represents an important added value: we firmly believe in the union between industry and territory and in the importance of education from a young age. We want to show young people that factories are not just places of production, but spaces of innovation, creativity, and opportunity.

Our goal is to introduce the youngest to realities different from those they can imagine for the future, making them aware of the opportunities offered by the territory, arousing an interest in the world of textile production.