The project “Fabbriche Aperte Piemonte”, to promote a transparent production


We create and produce our knitted fabrics in Occhieppo Superiore, just few kilometers from Biella; these fabrics join both elegance and innovation together with responsibility towards enviroment and local communities.

We are happy to concretize such commitment by joining a project connected to textile industry in our territory.

We will open our mill’s doors of during “Fabbriche Aperte Piemonte”, an event organized by Regione Piemonte on its fourth edition; the aim of such event is to consent to the great public to visit production mills which will be open for the occasion.

The event shall take place on Friday October 27 and Saturday October 28 and all the visitors can enjoy a free visit of our production facility.

Most of the companies are involved in reaseach and development projects which have been financed by Fondo Europeo Sviluppo Regionale. Most of such investments are aimed to optimize energy efficiency and to support research and development.

This will be a great opportunity to appreciate all the excellences of our territory, the production culture and the value of the mill as an element of social, business and professional richness of our territory.

You can book your visit here.

Looking forward to your visit!!